What I'm working on

A music notator that interprets numbers as rhythms

This project originally started life in a module for my undergrad degree. The module was an exploration of ideas and concepts from the NIME community, and an introduction to programming with Max/MSP. My project was to create a unambiguous interface for a sequencer based on the MTM Turing Machine. This website demonstrates a key part of that puzzle - a way of describing a rhythm using a decimal number, by decoding it to it's binary equivalent, padding it to a certain length, and reversing the digit order.


A template generator for object-oriented p5.js sketches that replaces 'particle system' nomenclature with interesting alternatives


A Processing sketch that generates line art images of 1D cellular automata using square marching

My initial experiments with elementary cellular automata mostly generated output images comprised of pixels that are 'on' or 'off' (drawn or not drawn). However, drawing many dots with a pen plotter is quite inefficient due to the time taken for the machine to raise and lower the pen repeatedly.

Instead of drawing those pixels directly, why not use their values as input for a squaremarching algorithm? The result is visually different, and more efficient to draw using a pen plotter.

I'll be exploring this process further in a future post.

A second order elementary cellular automata fed into a squaremarching algorithm to create paths that are drawn by a pen plotter