Drawing lines using vectors in p5.js

The regular p5.js line() method expects four arguments: x1, y1, x2, and y2.
Because I have found myself drawing lines between points quite a lot recently, I made a tiny wrapper function for myself. It takes two objects as arguments and passes their x and y values to line(). This means that instead of having to write line(foo.x, foo.y, bar.x, bar.y) I can use vLine(foo, bar), which is easier to read and faster to type.

function vLine(a, b) {
	line(a.x, a.y, b.x, b.y)

The arguments given to vLine() could be p5.Vector objects made using createVector(), or any object with x and y properties. For example:

setup() {
	createCanvas(100, 100)
	const pointA = createVector(width/2, height/2)
	const pointB = { x: random(width), y: random(height) }
	vLine(pointA, pointB)