SVGs for plotters using p5.js

I'm facing a stumbling block when it comes to using p5.js to make work that can be drawn by a pen plotter. For some reason, I can only get the AxiDraw Inkscape plugin to work properly with an SVG generated using zenozeng's p5.js-svg runtime when using Inkscape in Windows. If I try running the plugin in Inkscape on Mac, nothing happens.
I don't understand why.

I found Ahmad Moussa's (Gorilla Sun) blog post documenting his process for using p5.js-svg to be helpful, but the end result is an SVG for printing or displaying on a screen.
I'm struggling to find examples online of a workflow that involves using p5.js to make SVGs that are for sending to a pen plotter. When I initially encountered zenozeng's SVG rutime, I tried plotting an SVG from my Mac and assumed the issue to be with the runtime, rather than Inkscape, and so returned (a little unenthusiastically) to classic Java-based Processing.
I'm glad I am able to continue working with p5.js, and use a laptop (running Windows) to do the plotting.